The New GCISD Podcast!

Lead GCISD is a new podcast we created to explore topics around our school district. We'll talk about LEAD 2021, best practices, educational technology, & more! 

What to do:
  • Subscribe in iTunes for any new episodes:
  • Call our Google Voice number at 817-755-0838 to leave a voicemail with any questions you may have. Your question may make it onto the show. 
  • Leave a message with a topic idea for a future episode or if you'd like to be interviewed.
  • You can also subscribe to the Lead GCISD blog for supplemental materials or to be notified when a new episode has been released.

If podcasting is a new topic for you, podcasts are an audio file made available on the internet for consumers to listen to. Edison Research has reported that fully one-third (33%) of all Americans 12 years of age or older now say they have listened to at least one podcast. People like podcasts because they're free, easy to listen to, and on a variety of topics that you can choose from. For me, listening to a human voice talk about topics I care about on my daily commute is a more personal and empathetic experience than reading an article or watching a video.

We'll bring you a future blog post about podcasting with students, but for now, try out a podcast and see if you like it. I've posted a few recommendations below:


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