Throwback Thursday: Blendspace!

Today's Throwback Thursday goes to Blendspace! No idea why they changed their URL but we have an elementary school called TES, so it should be easy to remember! We originally posted about Blendspace back in January, so not that long ago. Blendspace is a fantastic way to curate information for your students. You can collect several resources about a certain topic and put them together for your students to use. You can add videos, websites, text, quizzes, and photos. If you've never done a Blendspace before, it's super easy!  See the original post by Amy Phillips for a step by step.

We have been collecting GCISD Blendspace resources since posting about this topic. You can see those examples in this Google Doc. Use these freely! We would love for you to send us the great resources you've put together to add to our list! The more we collect, the more we can help each other. Please fill out the Google Form below with your Blendspace link.

Can't wait to see what you've come up with!