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Throwback Thursday: Mystery Skype

Last week, during Hour of Code, we had tons of classrooms across the district who connected with professional programmers via Skype or Google Hangout. The opportunity for students to speak with people who do the thing they're learning was very exciting for them and part of Portrait of a Graduate as global citizens! Another way for students to connect outside of their classroom is through Mystery Skypes. Amy originally posted about these around two years ago, so it seems like it was a good time for a Throwback Thursday on this topic. 
You can use the link above to find a classroom to Mystery Skype with, find a guest speaker, or take a virtual field trip. 

Below you will find Amy's original post!

What is a Mystery Skype? A Mystery Skype is a Skype conversation between 2 classes.  The teachers arrange the Skype call in advance but the students do not know where the other class is located.  Students ask and answer pre-determined quest…

Throwback Thursday: Read Write Think Website Interactives and Apps

Read Write Think offers several great iPad apps for students to use in all subjects... not just ELA. Over the years, I've blogged about Trading Cards, RWT Timeline and VENN Diagram, and the Poetry Apps (Diamante, Theme, Acrostic and Haiku).  To view all the apps in the App Store, click HERE.

The Read Write Think website offers many more (58 to be exact!) student interactives that work on computers or Chromebooks for students in all grades k-12.  You can search by grade level, interactive type and even learning objective (comprehension, critical thinking, etc.)  There are also many lesson plans to give you ideas of how to incorporate the interactives into your classroom.  The online interactives can be accessed here:

How do you use the Read Write Think resources in your classroom?  Leave us a comment below!

It's Hour of Code Week!

GCISD K-8th grade teachers are invited to participate in Hour of Code during the week of December 7-13, 2015.

To learn more about Hour of Code, read our original blog post HERE.

Check out some of the tweets from GCISD teachers yesterday:

It's not too late to join in the fun!  
Let us know you're participating by filling out this form  We will again be partnering with developers to Google Hangout with interested classes.  Be sure to indicate your preference on our form.Also, register on the site:, schedule 1 hour (or more!) during the week of December 7-13 to promote coding. Choose from a variety of resources and tutorials found on our GCISD Hour of Code website ( to expose students to foundational concepts of computer science.