Throwback Thursday - Infographics

Angie first blogged about Infographics in October of 2013! Infographics are a visual way to represent data and research. They are a great option for another way to create a product and engage in deeper learning. They also make great backgrounds for things like ThinkLink or Tellagami. 

A successful infographic should be simple, unique, include research & data, draw the eye, and have a clear purpose. Canva,, Piktochart, and are four of the more popular infographic sites for use in education. See below for the Terms of Use for each site.

Terms of Use: 

Piktochart: Use of Piktochart for under 13, with parent permission
Canva: Any use or access to the Service by anyone under 13 is strictly prohibited Students under 13 can use if you use Group feature. Students under 13 can use if you create a class.