Throwback Thursday: IPEVO Whiteboard

IPEVO Whiteboard popped into my head the other day at an elementary PLC. I remember Vicki Tucker telling me about it in my first few months in GCISD. Sure enough, she wrote a blog post about it back in 2013! IPEVO Whiteboard is similar to other whiteboard apps like Show Me, ScreenChomp, Explain Everything or our usual favorite, Doceri

The app allows you to draw and add text onto a photo from your library, a white screen or a photo you take in the moment. You can record your voice as you're drawing and annotating, or take a photo after you're done.

The main thing I love about IPEVO over other whiteboard apps, is the simple user interface. Buttons are clear and clutter free. It's easy to see what buttons I might need to push to get it to work. At the bottom middle you can see that you can add new pages or slides with ease. Also, when you're done recording, it automatically saves it to the Camera Roll for easy uploading to Google Drive. 

Having students add their voice reflection or thinking as they're working through a math problem or analyzing text or reading a story aloud is a great way to get students involved in deeper learning and connecting with the content. Give it a try!