GCISD YouTube Settings

Tips and Settings When Using YouTube in the Classroom

**When using YouTube for GCISD business,
use only your GCISD Google login and your GCISD YouTube channel**
  • GCISD student YouTube accounts remain filtered at the current GCISD restriction level.
  • As a classroom teacher, please use your GCISD teacher account.
  • Check that all videos shown in class are appropriate and are within the guidelines of the campus policy. 
  • If you intend for your students to watch a video on their student devices, please verify that the video is unblocked for students to watch from their GCISD student accounts.
  • Using a computer and a browser, default upload settings can be set in advance for your channel using the Video Manager in YouTube. The default channel upload settings apply only to videos you upload from a browser on a computer (laptop, desktop). In addition, the settings for each individual video can be changed.
    • Privacy: Unlisted 
    • Category: Education 
    • Comments and Ratings: Turned OFF (uncheck the boxes) 
    • Video Statistics: Turned OFF (uncheck the box)
  • When using a device (such as an iPhone, iPad, tablet), the settings for each video must be set when uploading.
Procedure for Unblocking a Video:
  • Enter an Eduphoria work order 48 hours prior to needing student access to a blocked video. After this, allow 24 hours for the video to be visible to students
  • When viewing a video for classroom consideration, look at the first page of comments. If there is an inappropriate comment on that page, the video will not be unblocked for students.