QR Codes, Sharing and YouTube

QR Codes, Sharing and YouTube

Sharing a YouTube Video Using a Link

1. When sharing a YouTube video using a link, the full link must be used. This is the link found in the address bar on the browser. 

2. To make a QR code of a YouTube video, the video must be visible to students (it must be unblocked first. See blog post on Unblocking a YouTube video) and the full URL of the video must be used. The shortened URL will not work. 

QR Codes with YouTube 

QR reader apps redirect YouTube videos to an unrestricted level of YouTube instead of the restricted education configuration in GCISD. They therefore won’t work on our district network. The QR codes will work fine for any device not on our network. 

To correct this issue GCISD: 

1. Log into YouTube from within the QR reader being used. Though you may already be logged into Google on that device, once you scan a code you don’t actually go to YouTube. The video is viewed from within the actual scan app so the scan app is where you’ll need to log in. 

2. When you scan the code with an iPad on our
district network, you will get a restriction error. After a few seconds, the error will be
gone and there will be a place to log in.

3. Log in with your GCISD Google account. Quit the app and restart. This should have to be done only once for each scanning app.