Throwback Thursday: Shadow Puppet Edu

Shadow Puppet Edu is an app that Amy blogged about back in July of 2014 and has since entered into our top 10 recommended apps for using in a classroom. We always jokingly (but truthfully) tell people, "It has nothing to do with shadows OR puppets." I consider it a more robust and user friendly version of 30 Hands, with more functionality. It has nice, big buttons so it's easier to use for a kindergarten or 1st grade student than something like iMovie, 30 Hands, or Doceri. It is a great way for students to create videos simply, and talk about their learning.

Shadow Puppet offers the ability to:
  • Add photo, video, and slide pages
  • Record voiceover narration, add music, or both 
  • Record voiceover as you flip through your photos
  • Choose a background song or a song from iTunes library
  • Add text titles 
  • Choose font, color, size, position, and animation 
  • Draw on screen and interact with your images as you record 
  • Draw with pointer tools
  • Zoom in/out, pan, swipe between images