Throwback Thursday/Tips from our Readers: EDpuzzle

Today's blog comes from Lu Adkins, 6th grade STEM math teacher at GMS. is a free web based tool, much like Blendspace, that will allow you to take a YouTube or other video and include audio notes and questions for your student to answer. It also will allow you to crop the video to what length or portion you desire. 

The greatness about EDpuzzle is that it links directly with Google Classroom. You can import your classes from Google Classroom and assign the videos directly from EDpuzzle to your classes or provide a link for your students. It's great if you are out for a day.  Your students can still be provided with content with your voice overs guiding them on the videos. I do a "flipped" classroom and this is one of the programs I am use currently. 

To learn more about all the features in EDpuzzle, check out Angie's blog post here:

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