Throwback Thursday: Google Keep

Technically, we've never talked about Google Keep, because it's new-ish (actually two years old)! But we have talked about other ways to keep track of To-Do Lists like this post from Vicki in 2012 about Evernote. A lot of people still use Evernote to write notes and to-do lists and it's still a great option. I'd argue that Evernote is more robust, but I am a digital simplistic person, and I like minimal applications to organize my life. 

Google Keep is a product from, you guessed it, Google. You can log in with your GCISD email to access it. In Keep you can:
  • Color code
  • Make To-Do lists (they call these notes)
  • Set Reminders
  • Make audio notes
  • Copy your note to Google Drive
  • Share a single note with a person or group of people without sharing all of them.
  • Add photos to your notes
This is what Keep looks like on the web: 

Setting a reminder:

Sharing with people:

Setting your note to have checkboxes:

A new feature in Keep is adding this Chrome Extension  to bookmark things you want to go back to into your Keep notes. This is similar to how Evernote works!

My favorite thing about Keep is that the iOS app for my phone looks exactly the same! So it easily syncs across devices and allows me to try not to lose track of things I need to get done.