Throwback Thursday: Kid Rex and Safer Search Sites for Kids

I first blogged about KidRex in this post from May of 2013.  It's still a good resource for elementary students to use to search for information.  Now that all our elementary students are 1:1, it's more important than ever that we're teaching them how to search as safely as possible.  You'll never hear me call a search site "safe".  Even the most kid friendly of search sites are always going to just be "safer".  We still have to teach students how to use these sites appropriately.  

Some good "Information Literacy" lessons from Common Sense Media to use with your students are:

ABCs of Searching - how to find things alphabetically
Using Keywords - how to pick the right keywords to find the information you want
Things for Sale - learning what things on a page are advertisements and what is information

The Key to Keywords - how to pick the right keywords to find the information you want

This document contains links and QR codes to some of our recommended resources for elementary student searching.  

Another great resource is your campus librarian!  With MackinVia, librarians can create personalized group collections of appropriate sites and resources for your students to access all in one place.  

Recently there was a lot of publicity for a site called that (like KidRex) is powered by a custom Google search engine (neither is actually a product of Google).  I haven't added it to my list for 2 main reasons.  
  1. There are sometimes ads right on the search results page. They seem to be related to the search but my concern is whether or not they are always going to be appropriate. 
  2. The image search at the top might be filtered for content but I can't find anywhere that it says it's filtered for copyright.  Students need to know that they can't just use any image they find in Google.  Check out our list of recommended image search sites for kids for copyright friendly images.
If you choose to use with your students, please teach them about the possibility of ads on the search page and copyright issues regarding pictures found there.