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The Virtual Voyage is Back!

GCISD Virtual Voyage
The Virtual Voyage is back!  We've added new challenges for 2016 and you'll once again earn badges for completing tasks and sharing your learning.  

What is the GCISD Virtual Voyage?    
The GCISD Virtual Voyage is a summer opportunity for you to have fun and step outside your technology comfort zone! Challenges can be completed in any order at any time.  Do as many as interest you.  The only rule is that you must share your learning with others via your blog!  If you've already done these things, please still share your reflections in a blog post to earn your badge.

How do I participate?
Follow the instructions on the GCISD Virtual Voyage website to setup your blog and badges spreadsheet.

What are the challenges?
Choose from a variety of challenges like Google Hangout, blended learning, Google Keep Thinglink, Google Classroom, Kahoot, Google Forms, Genius Hour, YouTube, infographics, Twitter chats, gamification and more!

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Throwback Thursday: OverDrive


Borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and more from your local public library - anywhere, anytime. All you need is a library card. Way back in 2013, Vicki blogged about OverDrive, an app for reading books on your computer or phone. Most local libraries now have e-books available to check out through OverDrive. One way to get books is through North Texas Libraries on the Go.  Grapevine Public Library's books are available through the NTL website. Once you have downloaded items to your bookshelf, they are then available in the app to take with you and read! I'm also a member of the Fort Worth Public Library and the North Richland Hills Public Library (anyone in Texas can be a member here), so there are even more books available to me through those other avenues. Check it out for books for yourself or your children and get on that summer reading!

Throwback Thursday: 100 Word Challenge

I first blogged about the 100 Word Challenge in this post from September 2013.  The 100 Word Challenge is a fun and easy way to make global connections and provide a real life audience for student writing.

Each week students are given a prompt on the website (sometimes a picture and sometimes a phrase).  Students around the world (under the age of 16) write 100 word stories based on the prompt and post to a class blog.  Students can then read the blogs and comment on the stories  written by other students (both older and younger). It's a great way for students to get blog comments from outside their classroom and also a great way to encourage high level writing from your students.

Even if your students aren't blogging, they can still share their stories with each other and read stories from the showcase online.  

If you want to start blogging, EasyBlog is super easy (even kinders can do it!)  Here's our blog post on how to get started with EasyBlog  http://g…

Throwback Thursday: Quizizz + Google Classroom


Just two months ago, Erin wrote a guest blog post about using Quizizz with your students. Quizizz is similar to Kahoot, in that you can check for understanding, but individually paced. Erin talked about how when students are going through the quiz, she can see where they are as far as class progress, students progress, and even question by question. 
For today's Throwback Thursday, we are going to talk about the new Quizizz & Google Classroom feature. According to Quizizz's blog (say that 3 times fast), you begin a Live or Homework event on their website just as you would before. On the page where the game code shows up, you'll now see a "Share on Google Classroom" button, which will automagically send the link to students to join the game on Google Classroom. The benefits, as Quizizz states are as follows: 
While we're on the subject of Google Classroom, they have now released the feature to schedule your posts. So now instead of having to add your as…