Throwback Thursday: Quizizz + Google Classroom


Just two months ago, Erin wrote a guest blog post about using Quizizz with your students. Quizizz is similar to Kahoot, in that you can check for understanding, but individually paced. Erin talked about how when students are going through the quiz, she can see where they are as far as class progress, students progress, and even question by question. 

For today's Throwback Thursday, we are going to talk about the new Quizizz & Google Classroom feature. According to Quizizz's blog (say that 3 times fast), you begin a Live or Homework event on their website just as you would before. On the page where the game code shows up, you'll now see a "Share on Google Classroom" button, which will automagically send the link to students to join the game on Google Classroom. The benefits, as Quizizz states are as follows: 

While we're on the subject of Google Classroom, they have now released the feature to schedule your posts. So now instead of having to add your assignments as they come up during class, you can schedule them beforehand to show up!