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Global Read Aloud began six years ago with the idea of one book connecting the world. GRA has grown to bring over 1 million educators and students together. Global Read Aloud takes place each year beginning in October and runs for six weeks. The level of participation is completely up to you based on the needs of your students.

To participate in #GRA16, follow these steps: Step 1: Sign Up Step 2: Make a Plan Step 3: Connect Step 4: Get Started
Step 1: Sign Up Go to to sign up.
Step 2: Make a Plan Global Read Aloud provides a plan for reading the book you select in six weeks. Follow the plan (below) to stay on track or follow along at the pace appropriate for your students. GRA has a large resource base for all educators at any comfort or participation level. To get started, go to If You Are New to GRA. Include your GRA read aloud in your lesson plans to stay on track. BreakoutEDU is working to create activities with GRA. Check out the ideas here!
Step 3: Connect

Throwback Thursday: Epic! Books


This is the second time we're throwing it back to Epic! books. They bring so much to your classroom that we're doing it again! Here is the 1st post & 2nd post. Epic! is a great resource that offers thousands of ebooks for K-5 students on their iPad app or website and is 100% free for teachers.

Some benefits:

Provides another way for children to fall in love with reading.Many genres at all levels of reading.Could use it for research purposes.Allows for differentiation because you choose your books based on reading level/age.Has Spanish & bilingual Spanish/English book options Recently Epic! added a few new features, one of which is Collections. These are personalized book collections that a teacher can curate and push out to their class. There are also featured collections already chosen that you can pick from.

Epic! has also added some new teacher resources, like a parent letter, lesson plans, and teacher tips.

To get started with Epic!…

Chrome Browser

I remember when browsers were simply the place where you entered a web address but today they create digital magic as they streamline the work that we do. The Google Chrome browser is a powerful tool that is underutilized if you are only using it as a tool to reach your final destination on the World Wide Web. To write about all that Chrome can do for you would take a series of books so we will be highlighting different tools throughout the year. For this post, we I will be highlighting a few tricks that can make your life simpler (and that of your students as well!) Multiple Google Profiles Many educators and students have personal Google accounts as well as their GCISD Google account. There are times where I need to switch between my accounts without logging out of one account and into the other. I also prefer to have different bookmarks for each account and to keep these two worlds separate. You can create multiple Chrome profiles and easily switch between accounts without having to …

Dot Day

On September 15, over 5 million participants will celebrate the 7th annual Dot Day from all over the world. Dot Day is an opportunity to connect your students, promote creativity, and build a positive classroom environment.

Based on the story by Peter H. Reynolds, The Dot, students find the author's hope is to inspire others to express themselves creatively and "make your mark" on the world around you. Dot Day began in 2009 on September 15th when a teacher by the name of Terry Shay sharedThe Dot with students. What started as a small, creative idea has grown to be a worldwide, collaborative event - the exact idea The Dot celebrates. FableVision and Peter H. Reynolds continue this tradition by inviting others to join in. The mission of FableVision is to support educators to inspire creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and compassion in students. 

After you register to participate, you will receive a free planning guide to assist you. The level at whic…