Global Read Aloud began six years ago with the idea of one book connecting the world. GRA has grown to bring over 1 million educators and students together. Global Read Aloud takes place each year beginning in October and runs for six weeks. The level of participation is completely up to you based on the needs of your students.

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To participate in #GRA16, follow these steps:
  • Step 1: Sign Up
  • Step 2: Make a Plan
  • Step 3: Connect
  • Step 4: Get Started

Step 1: Sign Up
Go to globalreadaloud.com to sign up.

Step 2: Make a Plan
Global Read Aloud provides a plan for reading the book you select in six weeks. Follow the plan (below) to stay on track or follow along at the pace appropriate for your students. GRA has a large resource base for all educators at any comfort or participation level. To get started, go to If You Are New to GRA. Include your GRA read aloud in your lesson plans to stay on track.
BreakoutEDU is working to create activities with GRA. Check out the ideas here!

Step 3: Connect
  • Follow #GRA16 on Twitter
  • Follow hashtags based on each book:
    • Lauren Castillo: #GRALauren
    • The BFG: #GRABFG
    • Pax: #GRAPax
    • Orbiting Jupiter: #GRAOJ
    • All American Boys: #GRAAll
  • Reach out to the authors on Twitter. They may tweet back!
    • Lauren Castillo @StudioCastillo
    • Sara Pennypacker @SaraPennypacker
    • Brendan Kiely @KielyBrendan
    • Jason Reynolds @JasonReynolds83
  • Gain ideas and make connections on the GRA Facebook Group
  • Share ideas, connect, or ask questions at our GCISD GRA Padlet
Once you connect, you can decide with the group how involved you want your class to be. You could:
  • mail letters, pictures, or predictions to the class
  • Skype/Google Hangout to discuss the story or make predictions
  • create a Padlet to connect students
  • publish blog posts and have Blog Buddies comment
  • read the book/s and have rich conversations with your students

Step 4: Get Started!
Global Read Aloud begins Monday, October 3 and wraps up around November 11, however you can complete GRA at your own speed. For more information or for support connecting with other classrooms, contact your Liaison to connect with an Instructional Technology Coach.

Find what works best for your students and ENJOY!

The plan provided by GRA is a guide:

For any age Lauren Castillo:

Week 1:

Product Details

Week 2:
Product Details

Week 3:

Week 4:
Product Details

Week 5:
Product Details

Week 6:
Your choice!  You decide which of Lauren’s books you would like to end with.

Week 1:  The Witching Hour through The Cave
Week 2:  The BFG through Snozzcumbers
Week 3:  The Bloodbottler through Dream-Catching
Week 4:  A Trogglehumper for the Fleshlumpeater through Mixing the Dream
Week 5:  Journey to London through The Royal Breakfast
Week 6:  The Plan through The Author

Week 1: 1 – 5
Week 2:  6 – 10
Week 3:  11 – 16
Week 4:  17 – 23
Week 5:  24 – 27
Week 6: 28 – end

Week 1: One – page 45 stop at “That night…”
Week 2:  Page 45 “That night…” – Three
Week 3:  Four – 100 to “Joseph and Brian Boss…”
Week 4: Page 100 “Joseph and Brian Boss…” – Six
Week 5:  Seven
Week 6:  Eight – End

Week 1:  Friday  (p. 5) – p. 40
Week 2:  Saturday (p. 43) – 82
Week 3:  Sunday (p. 85) – Monday Quinn (p. 140)
Week 4:  Monday Rashad (p. 141) –  Tuesday (p.203)
Week 5: Wednesday (p. 208) –  (p. 267)
Week 6:  Thursday Rashad (p. 259) – End

Ripp, P. (2016, September). Global Read Aloud. Retrieved from www.theglobalreadaloud.com


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