Screencastify is an easy to use screen/webcam recording software for Chrome. With Screencastify you can save your recordings on Google Drive, or you can upload to YouTube for easy access.

This is very helpful when using Blogger for student Blogs.  Students can use the Webcam feature in Screencastify to upload their videos to YouTube, then easily insert in Blogger.

Add Screencastify to Chrome
through the Web Store.

Select the extension. (The first time used, you will setup Camera access and where to store your recordings. Tab recording setup is optional.)

Click STOP to end recording.

Select Tab, Desktop or Cam.
Select Microphone, Camera,
Check Show Preview Window.
Click Record Webcam.
Drag corners of Live Preview to
Enlarge window.
Click STOP to end recording.

The recording will play with options in the upper right part of the screen. Select Share.

Select Google Drive (Videos will be saved to a new Folder, Screencastify. This folder will be created automatically in your Google Drive) or YouTube, select Upload.  If selecting YouTube, make sure to select Unlisted.

Note: If saved to Desktop or Google Drive, videos are .webm files.   When uploaded to YouTube, files can be downloaded as MP4, then inserted into iMovie.