Don’t forget about Google Drawing!

Google Drawing (or Google Draw) is a tool that allows students to create diagrams, mind maps, cartoon avatars, logos, info-graphics, timelines, hot spots on image (then inserted into Google SItes) and more!  And, as with most Google Tools, they can collaborate!
TCEA Tech Blog (You may want to join their mailing list!) offers a few ways Google Drawing can be used in classrooms.
Mind Maps There are many easy to use mind-mapping tools available, but students might find it more interesting to create their own.  (A template could also be created and sent to students through Google Classroom.)
Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 8.58.23 AM.png Cartoon Avatar!
Definitely one of my favorites!  Have students take a selfie and then transform themselves into a cartoon character! (It does take some time and patience!) They could place the image on their e-portfolio or blog!  There are tutorials available on YouTube.  The one I viewed was

Timelines can be created in Google Drawings.  Remember to select the Research tool to help students find articles and images quickly.
The PDF - Cited by link will take students directly to articles.
Clicking insert will place the information on their timeline/document.