Answer Garden

Word Clouds are fun and easy to use.  Paste the words from a speech, article or a self-written story and it will show the more prominent words in larger text, and those not appearing as often, in smaller text.
But for the most part, they are completed individually.
What if you could ask your class to "Describe Something" using one word and see your class responses in one location AND move your mouse over each individual word to see how many times it was submitted?  If this sounds interesting, you need to check out Answer Garden.
Go to
Click the + Sign in the upper right corner.
Type in your question.  Exp: "What makes you happy?"
You will have options, such as,
  • how many characters the answer can be. (20 or 40 characters)
  • Brainstorm, Classroom (can submit unlimited answers, but each answer only one time), Moderator (each answer submitted will have to be manually approved) or Locked (AnswerGarden is closed and no entries can be submitted) mode.
  • Copy the address of the AG and send to students through Google Classroom or a QR code. Whatever works best for you!
  • Remind students to Refresh (located in right corner of AnswerGarden) to see the latest responses and the option to go Full Screen (also in bottom right corner.)
  • Once completed you can Share (send to twitter, facebook, or embed in a web page) Export (tweet or download image), Create a QR code.
    (I moved my mouse over the word family. Family was submitted 3 times.)


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