Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions provides opportunities to explore the world from the comfort of your classroom. Teachers send students on virtual journeys to locations, transforming the classroom to a global learning environment and breaking down the four walls of the classroom.

Before getting started, teachers can search locations provided by Google Expeditions and find experiences that will amplify learning based on skills covered in class. As the journey begins, teachers facilitate the tour from the leader device as the students follow the leader. Google Expeditions provides information as well as questions to encourage engagement and deeper learning.

Students are no longer confined to the classroom and using Virtual Reality, can experience many things:
  • Visit a college or university
  • Explore a volcano
  • Dive deep in the ocean to observe plant and animal life
  • View locations that replicate living from long ago
  • Travel to Mars
  • Fly through space

Students now have the ability to explore locations and broaden their schema thanks to Google Expeditions.

Google Expeditions can run on iPads or devices without VR Goggles.


*The facilitator is the Tour Guide. Explorers need to pause their comments and listen to the Tour Guide.

*When the screen says ‘PAUSE’ explorers will lay the Cardboard Googles on the table, hands off, and rest their eyes. Listen to the Tour Guide for information preparing for the next location.

*Explorers should stay seated in their seat. Walking around with their sight diverted can be dangerous. Please encourage students to stay seated or exercise caution when moving.

Additionally, teachers can provide opportunities for exploring and experiencing learning using Google Cardboard. Some examples may include:
  • Students ride a roller coaster and describe how it ‘feels’; connect to motion and movement in Science
  • Students explore underwater and describe what they see using adjectives
  • Students view villages from long ago to discover tools, transportation, clothing, building structures, and more; students write to compare the differences from long ago and today
  • Students can write a story based on the observations or experiences while viewing a specific location
*Please exercise caution when using Google Cardboard and Virtual Reality apps with students. Always monitor use to promote positive digital experiences.

Virtual Reality can amplify learning and promote imagination by transforming your learning environment.


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