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PhotoScan by Google

Last week, Kerissa Bearce wrote a post on Google Photos. You can read the initial post here
 Google recently released a new app to make the Google Photo experience even better.  The app is PhotoScan by Google and it allows you to move your print images to the digital world!  Using the app, you simply snap a picture of your picture, rotate your phone following the onscreen prompts and your photos are automatically cropped, rotated, and color corrected.  Photos can be saved to your camera roll or sync to your Google Photo account (and if you aren't using Google Photos, then you may be missing out a photo storage solution that changes the way you interact with your photo memories).  PhotoScan is both an Android and iOS app.  You can read more about this app here.

If you would like a quick tutorial video, I've created a quick screencast to show you how to use this scanning tool .

This app would be a great way to capture high-quality scans of students work to add to their Google…

Draw & Tell HD

Draw and Tell HD

Draw and Tell HD is a powerful app for students PreK-4th grade. This app promotes creativity while providing a platform for students to share and document their learning.

Students can draw and tell using stickers, text, and drawings to express their thoughts on a variety of backgrounds or an image from the camera roll. The product saves in Draw & Tell, but can save to the camera roll and Google Drive as well.

Ideas for using Draw and Tell HD in the classroom:

*Students will take a picture of their work (paper or digital) and record a verbal reflection to save on Google Drive for student ePortfolios.

*Students will color a picture to use as a story starter for writing.
*Students will take a picture of a special event or project, then record a verbal reflection.

*Students will record ideas from a thinking map when planning a story. Students can listen to the verbal reflection to support the writing process and promote language acquisition.

*Students will design a pi…

Google Photos

iTunes Link
Ever have that feeling that you know you should be backing up your photos and videos from your phone but there are too many options and ways to do it? Or then your photos will be all over the place in different locations and hard to search and find? And wouldn't you rather have all your photos right next to your heart in your handy dandy phone? This is what I do. But then I see a friend lose a phone or shatter it and lose all those precious memories. Oh, the horror!

Introducing Google Photos (unless you already use it, then welcome back). Google Photos is an app for your phone or tablet device that will back up your camera roll photos and videos to the cloud (Google Drive in this case). It's completely free and the only limit is your storage on Drive. In our educator accounts, we have so much storage, you'll often hear us say it's unlimited. It's not, but it's so big, you couldn't possibly fill it up. On your personal Gmail accounts, you may hav…

Let's Recap Updates

In October, I wrote about Let's Recap that is a web-based application or as an iPad app for students. You can read the full blog post here.  Here are some of the ways Let's Recap is being used in the district:
Counting by 5s to 100reading a passage for two minutes for teachers to assess fluencyForeign language teachers having students respond to prompts to practice speaking fluencyBook reviews by genreExit ticket where students explain a processand so many more ways!
Let's Recap is in its first year and in still in beta form. Since beginning in February 2016, there are now over 500,000 users! As expected of a beta program, Let's Recap is listening to suggestions and making changes!  They just released an update with exciting changes.
After students respond to a Recap prompt, a video reel is created. Previously, teachers were unable to edit the video created. Not anymore!  There is now an edit option on the daily reel.

Once edit is selected, you can select which students…

Windows MovieMaker12

Windows Movie Maker (for students who use a Dell computer, grades 6 - 8) is a great tool for students to easily edit their movies.  There are many video editing extensions and apps available, but many times they only allow 2 to 3 minutes of video or they end up costing after a certain amount of videos have been created.
Students can download Movie Maker from LANDESK.

Select the window icon in the bottom left of your computer. Click LANDESK Management > LANDESK Workspaces. (as shown in image below)

If Launchpad appears, click the 3 lines in the upper left.
You should now see Self Service > Select Software Catalog.
Search or scroll for Movie Maker > Click Install. MovieMaker should begin installing to your computer.
Once installed, search or select All Apps to find Movie Maker.  

Using Movie Maker
The one drawback to MovieMaker is that you must Save your Project!  Students will need to Click File > Save Project.  

The menu bar allows for quick editing of video.
Add videos, p…