Draw & Tell HD

Draw and Tell HD is a powerful app for students PreK-4th grade. This app promotes creativity while providing a platform for students to share and document their learning.

Students can draw and tell using stickers, text, and drawings to express their thoughts on a variety of backgrounds or an image from the camera roll. The product saves in Draw & Tell, but can save to the camera roll and Google Drive as well.
Students can choose stickers,
patterns, paint, pencil or crayon.
Students select a background

Ideas for using Draw and Tell HD in the classroom:

*Students will take a picture of their work (paper or digital) and record a verbal reflection to save on Google Drive for student ePortfolios.

*Students will color a picture to use as a story starter for writing.
Students can draw and tell about community helpers.
*Students will take a picture of a special event or project, then record a verbal reflection.

*Students will record ideas from a thinking map when planning a story. Students can listen to the verbal reflection to support the writing process and promote language acquisition.

*Students will design a picture using stickers to create a story problem in math.

*Students will draw a picture to show learning of a specific topic or skill.
Students can app smash using Number Pieces,
combine images using PicCollageKids,
then upload to Draw and Tell HD to explain.
*Students will take a picture of text and record the read aloud to practice and document fluency.

How do your students use Draw and Tell HD to amplify their learning?

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