Google Photos

Ever have that feeling that you know you should be backing up your photos and videos from your phone but there are too many options and ways to do it? Or then your photos will be all over the place in different locations and hard to search and find? And wouldn't you rather have all your photos right next to your heart in your handy dandy phone? This is what I do. But then I see a friend lose a phone or shatter it and lose all those precious memories. Oh, the horror!

Introducing Google Photos (unless you already use it, then welcome back). Google Photos is an app for your phone or tablet device that will back up your camera roll photos and videos to the cloud (Google Drive in this case). It's completely free and the only limit is your storage on Drive. In our educator accounts, we have so much storage, you'll often hear us say it's unlimited. It's not, but it's so big, you couldn't possibly fill it up. On your personal Gmail accounts, you may have a limit of somewhere from 10GB-20GB.

Install the Google Photos App. Once you log in, there are options to back up & sync your photos. Just imagine using this in any elementary classroom. If students installed and synced Google Photos on their iPad, any photo or video they have in their camera roll would automagically go to their Google Drive. 

In the image on the above right, you can see in Google Drive where the Google Photos button resides. It is similarly placed on the iPad Google Drive app.

In addition to that great use for students, Google Photos also has a great search function. You can type 'dog at the beach' if you know you have photos somewhere of your dog at the beach and it should pop up. It can also easily create animations, collages and movies using Google Assistant in the app.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes!