Let's Recap Updates

In October, I wrote about Let's Recap that is a web-based application or as an iPad app for students. You can read the full blog post here.  Here are some of the ways Let's Recap is being used in the district:
  • Counting by 5s to 100
  • reading a passage for two minutes for teachers to assess fluency
  • Foreign language teachers having students respond to prompts to practice speaking fluency
  • Book reviews by genre
  • Exit ticket where students explain a process
  • and so many more ways!

Let's Recap is in its first year and in still in beta form. Since beginning in February 2016, there are now over 500,000 users! As expected of a beta program, Let's Recap is listening to suggestions and making changes!  They just released an update with exciting changes.

After students respond to a Recap prompt, a video reel is created. Previously, teachers were unable to edit the video created. Not anymore!  There is now an edit option on the daily reel.

Once edit is selected, you can select which students' videos should appear in your reel. You can also turn off the music and graphics that Let's Recap adds to the video reel. 

This new customization allows teachers flexibility in deciding the number of video responses included in the reel as well as selecting the responses that best represent a topic or use of the summary reel. 

The other new update is the addition of a specific due date. Prior to the update, teachers could select a closing date of 24 hours, two weeks, etc.  Now, a specific due date and time can be selected for each Recap assignment.   

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Project Based Learning: Essential questions and Many Uses of Recap by Rachelle Dene Poth (although this article is written through the lens of using it for responding to Essential Questions, the same concept would apply to using Let's Recap for student voice!  Imagine actually hearing their voice through video reflections rather than a survey.)