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While searching for engaging ways to integrate technology with her students, Tara Martin (@TaraMartinEDU) created #BookSnaps. Tara's idea was to use a platform her students were already familiar with to share about stories they were reading. Now, #BookSnaps have developed into so much more!

BookSnaps are fun for learners of all ages and can be used with a variety of apps. Our team recommends the following apps:

*iPad apps: Draw and Tell HD, PicCollageKids, Doceri, Shadow Puppet, ChatterPixKids, Seesaw

*Chromebooks/Laptops: Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Draw

For more information on How To create a #BookSnap, view Tara's blog post here.

Students can use #BookSnaps to identify words, make connections, describe vocabulary terms, locate topics in Grammar, identify and describe story elements, share their thinking with connections from the text, and more!

Students can share important information or describe their work using #BookSnaps. These can provide a snapshot into the mind…

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark ( is a web app that allows students to Create a Video,  Page, or Post.  You (teacher) can login using your Google Account.  If your students are under the age of 13, the teacher will need to create one account for all students to use.  More information can be found in the Adobe Spark Edu. Guide.   Check out Claudio Zavala Jr's list of ideas for using Adobe Spark!  Thanks Kerissa Bearce for sharing!

To begin, select the Plus Sign. (Or select the 3 Horizontal lines on the left side of the screen. )Select Create a Video, Page or Post.

If students are not sure where to begin, they can select a Category located at the bottom of the page.
For this Blog Post, I selected Create a Video.I selected the Tell What Happened template or you can Start from Scratch!Adobe will give some quick tips to help students get started. (1 min. video)Students will now see the layout with options for creating their Video.  They can add Video, Photos, Text, and create recordin…