Chrome Profiles and YouTube Checker for Student Viewing Rights

Within the district, teachers are able to view YouTube videos that are restricted for student access. However, in the past, it has been difficult to determine if the video would be open or restricted for the student.  Thanks to GCISD Technology Services, a new Google profile has been created for the sole purpose of providing teachers a way to check student access to videos and then submit a request to have a video unblocked if students do not have access.  The profile email address is (please see your campus liaison or an instructional coach for the password to this account). 

Between a work Google account, YouTube checker Google account, and personal Google accounts, it can be tricky to determine which account you are logged into if you have not set up Chrome profiles. You can create multiple Chrome profiles and easily switch between accounts without having to sign out of either account!  Below is a screencast on creating multiple profiles (

If you prefer to see a step-by-step guide, here are instructions on how to set up a second Chrome profile for the GCISD YouTube Checker account but could also be used for creating profiles for any other email account. If you would prefer a larger copy to save or view, you can access a PDF of instructions here.

If a video cannot play when logged into the YouTube checker account, you can submit a work order to have the video approved at