Padlet is a beneficial tool for students and teachers to use in a variety of ways. Padlet is both an app and site which teachers and students can use to display ideas, images, video, and more with a collaborative platform. Previously Padlet has been a topic of posts on our blog which you can refer to here: original post and the Padlet app post.  For directions on how to use Padlet, see this Padlet.

Padlet displays in real-time, which is both exciting and frustrating at times. Recently, Padlet began providing a new feature to prevent the displays from adjusting until you decide, which is called Focus Mode. The following will pop-up and you select REFRESH and the boxes will move around from other contributors.

Often times, Padlet is used to brainstorm or collaborate individually, in a small group, or a whole group. Collaboration can connect students with others beyond the classroom walls. In addition, Padlet can be used to create a Flowchart by connecting the boxes with arrows. There is an option to label the arrows to define the flow of the information.

For the above post in Flowchart format via Padlet, please view here.


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