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Interactive Boxlight Projectors

Does your projector look somewhat similar to this? With a big lens on the front and the words "BOXLIGHT"? Well, then you're in luck! You have an interactive projector, which works similarly to a SMART Board.

In order for your projector to be interactive, you need a specific cord to be plugged into your computer. This cord is called a Super Booster, and on one side it has a USB plug and on the other, it has a place for an ethernet cord to go. It looks like this, though it could be many different shapes and colors. In addition, you should have your VGA cord with your computer adapter and your audio plugged in!

Finally, you should have a black bag of supplies that go with your projector. This includes the remote to turn it off and on, a wand, and a LightPen. (Imagine the pictured white LightPen is black and that's what yours looks like.

One of the main uses of your LightPen is that it can act as a mouse for your computer. That means you can touch your whiteboard with it …